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for Entrepreneurs and



for Tech Founders, CTOs, Android, iOS and Javascript Developers

Germany’s largest React Native Meetup

Marketing & Growth

for Founders, Managers, Marketers, Business Developer

Germany’s largest Digital Marketing Meetup

We are Founders, Developers, Managers, Marketers and are Digital Creators. We meet in Berlin the capital of the digital creators and work for our own companies, corporates or startups and are like minded.

Our three focus areas EntrepreneurshipDevelopment, Marketing & Growth

Visualising the creation -> Developing the vision and creation -> Accelerating the creation

How can you participate? We have special events with by invitation, on Meetup and Eventbrite. If you are looking for like minded people in either of the three areas 1. Development, 2. Marketing & Growth, 3. Entrepreneurship you are at the right place.

Newsletter of our Events in Berlin

Organised events at lots of awesome companies

Our past participants are from startups and corporates like

and lots of others innovative and successful companies from startups to corporates